We service the St. Louis and surrounding areas...

Working year round to keep your yard clean!

Do you...

  • Love your dog?
  • Like to do things in your yard?
  • Hate picking up your pet's waste?
  • Are you tired of stepping in pet waste?
  • Can't enjoy dinner on the deck, backyard, or have friends come over because you’re embarrass or you can’t even open the window(s) to let fresh air come into the house because the wind might blow that pet waste smell in?

Are you...

  • Tired of going out in the heat and cold to clean the yard?
  • Tired of everyone arguing or running at the mention of whose turn it is?

Do you like to save money?
Do you like *FREE*?

If you answered YES

If you answered YES or know anybody that would answer YES to any of the these questions then you need to HURRY and contact Super Scoopers pet waste removal service and let us come save the day!

Super Scoopers is a locally ran family business in the St. Louis area.

We have Low Rates, Discounts, and Referral Program where you get FREE service.

We have a service to fit everyone needs:

  • Weekly
  • BI-Weekly
  • Twice A Week
  • One Time Clean-Up
  • Emergency Clean-Up
  • Multi-Month service plans to SAVE you A LOT of MONEY
  • We even work on the weekends!
You do not have to be home for service to be done!

We do Residential and Commercial!

Contact us today!

Call Us At: (314) 221-8883 or Email: superscooperstl@aol.com